What is BSF?

The Bangor Scholarship Foundation is a local, not for profit organization which exists solely to raise funds for post-high school education scholarships. All scholarship recipients are local. They are all Bangor High School graduates, or graduates who live in the Bangor School District but who graduated from a private school such as Luther High School, Aquinas High School or Coulee Region Christian School. The scholarships are awarded by the Bangor Scholarship Foundation Selection Committee. The Selection Committee considers numerous factors, including scholastic achievement, community leadership, financial need, scholastic contribution through involvement in extra-curricular activities, and other indications that the student will become a positive citizen and contributor to society. The Selection Committee does not discriminate based upon race, religion or gender. Scholarship recipients are required to maintain a performance level and conduct adequate to allow graduation or completion of the program in which the student is enrolled. The student must be enrolled and attending an accredited institution.

2023 BSF Annual Newsletter